Torea Frey

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The Box Garden, Carol Shields

Such a quiet, interesting book that is as much meditation on happiness and being as anything else. This quote, from the narrator, was a nice take on how we try and build new things into our lives:

For me kindness is an alien quality; and like a difficult French verb I must learn it slowly, painfully, and probably imperfectly. It does not swim freely in my bloodstream -- I have to inject it artificially at the risk of all sort of unknown factors. It does not wake me in the mornings; every day I have to coax it anew into existence, breathe on it to keep it alive, practice it to keep it in good working order. And most difficult of all, I have to exercise it in such a way that it looks spontaneous and genuine; I have to see that it flows without hesitation as it does from its true practitioners, its lucky heirs who acquire it without laborious seeking ...