How to Be a Woman, Caitlin Moran

After struggling to find myself in How Should a Person Be?, I thought I'd try something a little more authoritative: this, Caitlin Moran says, is how to be a woman. And for her, it turns out, trying to find something to be is almost beside the point: "I thought all my efforts should be concentrated on being fabulous, rather than doing fabulous things." (Emphasis mine.)

That's right; there really isn't any one right path for the modern lady of means. Except you probably shouldn't try to live up to a rigid standard of perfection:

The thing that has given me the most relief and freedom in my adult years has been, finally, once and for all giving up on the idea that I might secretly be, or will one day become, a princess. Accepting you're just some perfectly ordinary woman who is going to have to crack on, work hard, and be polite in order to get anything done is---once you've gotten over the crippling disappointment of your thundering ordinariness---incredibly liberating.

This perfectly ordinary woman thinks that sounds downright sensible.