Do not pass go, do not collect $200

Look familiar? Think Monopoly. This house, a work known as Title Deed, was conceptualized by An Te Liu, a Toronto-based Taiwanese artist. Title Deed was part of the Leona Drive Project; according to Canadian Art:

The project featured 18 artist interventions in a series of bungalows waiting to be demolished for a new townhouse development. Built in the late 1940s as affordable suburban housing for returning war vets, the houses are of a type to be found across Canada and represent one of the first forays into suburban development. The most commanding project of the group was done by Toronto artist An Te Liu, who took one of the rundown houses, cleaned it up and painted it a pristine Monopoly-house green. In one fell swoop, Liu’s Title Deed spoke beyond the immediate locale to make a wide-ranging statement about housing as a funnel for broader financial concerns and lessons learned in last year’s subprime mortgage meltdown.

Canadian Art has an interview with Liu here.

(As seen on Neatorama.)