The definition of Glamour (June 2011)

I used to like to read lady mags, but now I mostly enjoy cutting them up. Here's a little collage series I worked up last night with the help of the June 2011 issue of Glamour and a funky old copy of Webster's New World Dictionary of the American Language from the 1970s.

From the top, and left to right: Glare of Glamor, Secondhand Secrets, Brassiere Bravado, Bright and Brisk, Pukka Pucker, Cheerful Chatter, and We'd Wedge.

For bonus points, here is June 2011 Glamour covergirl Olivia Wilde inviting you to take a peek at the magazine's new iPad app. There's something vaguely nightmarish about it to me, but such are the wonders of technological advancement.

Glamour June 2011 (iPad) The Secret Issue - Olivia Wilde from Fashion Copious on Vimeo.