Torea Frey

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To market, to market

Queens County Market popped up in Sunnyside again yesterday, and we braved the heat to walk over. And good thing we did! We picked up alfajores from Buenos Angie's, a rainbow of savory Finnish tarts from Northern Rye, some chipotle salsa from Gustavo's, and a few spice mixes from Sabba's Spicery (pictured above; the "Medieval Melange," apparently recreated from a 14th century recipe, added great depth to a pumpkin spice bread I baked today).

We also sidled over to the Sunnyside Greenmarket, at Skillman Avenue and 42nd Street, open Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. through December 22. Purslane and rhubarb looked tempting, but we stuck with a gorgeous bunch of carrots, some fresh smoked cheddar, and corn tortillas. It's been a good weekend of cooking and eating!